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Europe for Peace: Stop the War in Ukraine – London Rally

22 Aprile 2023 ore 14:00 > 17:00

Europe for Peace: Stop the War in Ukraine – London Rally

Speakers: Clare Daly MEP, Sevim Dagdelen (German MP), Lowkey, Lindsey German, Kate Hudson (CND), Yurii Sheliazhenko (Ukrainian Peace Activist) and Francesco Vignarca (Europe for Peace, Italy).

Sat 22 April – 2pm
Mander Hall, Hamilton House,
Mabledon Place, London

The spectre of war looms large over Europe. The proxy war between NATO and Russia in Ukraine threatens to drag on for many years, causing untold misery for the people of Ukraine and plummeting living standards right across the continent.

As we witness the carnage in Bakhmut and elsewhere there is a growing realisation that a World War One style deadlock of brutal trench warfare is becoming a reality, while the danger of nuclear warfare lurks menacingly in the background.

That is why opposition to the war is increasing amongst ordinary people in many parts of Europe, and why Stop the War Coalition is hosting a meeting in London uniting European anti-war forces to call for a ceasefire and negotiations. It’s the only sane, realistic alternative to years of suffering for Ukrainians, Europeans and the world as a whole. Peace now!



Mander Hall, Hamilton House
Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BB
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