Peace caravane to Odesa and Mykolaiv

Peace caravane to Odesa and Mykolaiv

We do not resign ourselves to war

One year after the first mission organised in Ukraine, as STOPTHEWARNOW we want to strongly reiterate that we do not resign ourselves to war.

We cannot accept that the only means of communication remains that of weapons with their load of destruction, suffering and deaths. So many deaths. Furthermore, even war strategists, generals and analysts affirm that the conditions for obtaining peace cannot be achieved by military means. 

For these reasons, we will be in Ukraine again from March 30 to April 3. We will reach Odesa and Mykolaiv, not only to deliver humanitarian aid but also to bring a message of peace. 

Beyond words and manifestations, we want to demonstrate with our presence and our commitment that where violence has destroyed everything, there is something stronger than war: the will and the ability to remain human.

We are aware that we are not participating in a decisive intervention. We simply ask not to contribute by inflicting more pain. The results of those who have chosen the use of weapons are visible to all and are even more evident in the tears of the victims.

We do not resign ourselves to war and we want to continue to say it with our presence.


Programme (to be confirmed)

30/3 h. 09:00 Press conference in Prato della Valle Square in Padua 

Peace Caravane departure (120 participants expected)

Evening – arrival at the Hungarian/Ukrainian border in Berehove

31/03 Peace Caravane by car travelling to Odesa

Group by plane arriving in Chisinau (Moldovia)

01/04 Late morning – Peace Caravane arrival in Odesa (meeting with delegates arrived by plane) 

Donation of humanitarian aid to local IDPs centres

Visit to the main Hospital where we donate a big generator

Meetings in Odessa
Afternoon – Peace Caravane travelling to Mykolaiv

02/04 Donation of humanitarian aid to local IDPs centres

Meetings in Mykolaiv

03/04 Early morning – Peace Caravane departure to Italy 

Group by plane going back to Chisinau (Moldovia) and flight to Italy or other European cities